Simple Sticker Printing for Your Business

We hear a lot about ‘Branding’ for businesses from sources that stand to make a lot of money from logo creation or marketing. The nature of business is promotion. Branding is important to your company, but it is not mysterious. Branding is simply getting the word out there with constant small reminders of your business, your participation in the community and what you have to offer. One of the least expensive and easiest ways to do this is with label printing and stickers.

If your company does not yet have a logo, this is the time to create one and to decide on your company colors.

Original stickers can be created and printed with the desktop publishing software (or some word processing solutions) that you have available in the office. You will need a supply of sticker paper or label paper. An inkjet printer works best for these.

  • Open a new document.
  • Use text, the company logo, photos and / or graphics to create your design.
    • Fit the finished design to a shipping label, choose the right size label then choose to print it on every label on the sheet.
    • Or, copy and paste this design as many times as necessary to fill a sticker sheet and use the ‘print sticker’ option in your desktop publisher.
  • Use regular paper to print test sheets until you are satisfied with the alignment and design.

There are free downloads online for label templates to make the sizing a bit easier and to give you ideas on layout.

Attractive and professional looking without the cost and restraints of commercial printing, using the desktop publisher on your work computer saves money and time while giving you the design control. This sounds simple because it is, but be prepared with enough label or sticker paper to play with until you are comfortable with the process.

Professional marketing strategies stress that those repeat sales are increased by including contact information on your stickers.

Logo stickers are great advertising and have many business uses. Try them on convention goodie bags or as envelope seals. Packages should never go out without one of your stickers. Printing your own stickers allows you to easily and quickly adapt your sticker for each season or holiday, further customizing your company’s promotional approach.

Many inexpensive over-the-counter items used in business can be customized with your professional labels or stickers for a dynamite ongoing marketing campaign.

Scrap-booking has caught fire as a home hobby, but consider the business uses for retirement parties, company picnics and important company commemorative events.

Inexpensive 3-ring binders become corporate manual binders to be used for training sessions, seminars or employee handbooks with your specially designed sticker on the front or along the spine.

Corporate gifts to clients and employees are enhanced when that small white box has your business sticker centered in the lid.

The possibilities are endless for business stickers. There is even a term for applying them to every open surface you see: “guerilla marketing”.

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One comment on “Simple Sticker Printing for Your Business
  1. John Sipenza says:

    some one said something like simplicity is the best policy, I saw stickers are simply the best way to promote your business……

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