Outdoor Installation Precautions

Beware of wind and high-voltage electricity

If your company is just beginning to install outdoor signs, wind and high-voltage electricity represent the two greatest potential hazards for your employees. Large signs or plastic face panels are extremely difficult to handle in windy conditions. When hoisted signs are exposed to wind gusts, sign cranes can buckle or tip over. Play it safe by not scheduling installation jobs on windy days or when local weather reports predict storms.

Project managers should always inspect proposed job sites in advance to ensure that high-voltage power lines are not hazards. If power lines are too close to the proposed sign location, contact the appropriate utility company. In some cases, power lines may be “booted” (covered with special insulation cladding) before the work is performed. If the lines are too close, the local utility company may require changing the proposed sign location.

Before excavating for installation of freestanding-sign footers, always call local utilities to ensure that underground electrical, phone, water or natural gas lines do not exist in your proposed excavation area. Striking concealed power or gas lines can be fatal to your employees. Even when no one is injured, however, it’s quite expensive to repair damaged utility lines.

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One comment on “Outdoor Installation Precautions
  1. Kyle Anderson says:

    Thanks! It’s great to know the risks. What type of wind speeds are safe to work in?

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